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i luuuuuv protein shakes

I used to drink and Up & Go Energize every morning (198 calories, 24.5g carbs and 14.5g protein), until my sister introduced me to this protein powder by Aussie Bodies.

I have the chocolate one, and it has 180 calories, 12.8g carbs and 26.7g protein… so much more protein and so much less carbs, and for a few less calories. I used to be ~iffy over protein shakes because of the taste, but this protein powder taste just like an Up & Go and I’m so glad I’ve found it, I literally have it for breakfast and lunch whenever I can. It’s three heaped teaspoons of the powder plus ~a cup of skim milk, and the only problem is you have to drink it before it starts to thicken.

Anyway, if you’re interested, I’ve seen it for sale at Woolworths so I’m assuming you can buy it at Coles too. Apparently they sell it at Big W also, which would be heaps cheaper but i’m using the one my sister bought so I really have no idea.

overall: 10/10 would recommend